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I am a licensed fishing guide. I guide primarily on the Grande Ronde River and the Klickitat River in Washington State for Steelhead.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Grand Ronde River

Glad the forecast was off. Joe and Carla had to take a lunch break after hooking 10 Fish. We only managed to take home 3 though. Seemed to have been a Native weekend. Joe had a saying this weekend that I thought was great. The good Lord doesn't take a day when we go fishing on a day like this. Don't quote me but that is how I remember it.

Halloween Weekend 2010

First fish of 3 in this hole. What fun that was.

Halloween Weekend 2010

Glad to have had Joe and Carla on the river. This is one of the 6 fish boated on Sunday. We caught only one keeper but 5 beautiful Natives. The biggest one probably really close to 9#.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Adrian and Leonard

Wasn't looking good for us this weekend after the Wenaha brought alot of extra water and some dirt to boot. The river did something quite amazinly going from about 4,210cfs on 11-14 to 1,850cfs 11-15. We did rather well considering all of this. On Saturday we had 8 fish on and 5 to the boat. 2 Hatchery fish and 3 native fish. On Sunday we had another 8 fish on but 6 boated. Always like those improvements!!! 3 of the fish being keepers. One other stat that sticks in mind is this is the 3rd week in a row that a favorite pocket water of mine has given us a fish. Had a great time again. Thanks alot Aaron

Jim and Bill

The best day of November on the Grand Ronde river. Had a great time fishing with Jim and Bill. Saturdays efforts left us with 11 fish on and 9 to the boat. One of these being about a 15# Chinook salmon. The ratio of hatchery to wild fish seemed to have changed this weekend giving us a 2 day avg of 77% hatchery fish. We must have had about 5-6 other good takedowns to boot. Sunday resulted in fishing the upper river. We were 5 fish on and 5 boated, 4 keepers and a native. The biggest fish of the weekend was a 31" buck. Hope to have you guys again. Had a great time and Thanks alot Aaron.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November 8th and 9th, 2008

Another fun year to have Chad and Marcus as fishing friends. Marcus has been fishing with me since he was 11. Oh and Happy B-day to him since he is turning 15 on the 10th. Saturday's fishing efforts on the Lower river produced 7 fish on and 5 boated. Three of those were keepers and two were native. Sunday's efforts from Oregon into Washington produced 3 fish on and 3 fish boated. One keeper and two native fish. One of the Native fish was the above hen 29" probably all of 10 - 11#. Normally you take the length of the fish and subtract 20 to get an avg. weight. She broke that standard of calculation with girth and width. Great fish guys. Thanks a lot, Aaron

November 1st, 2008 Grand Ronde

Weekend of Nov. 1st and 2nd. Saturday brought us 5 Steelhead like these. Two of the five were 30-31" fish 10-11#. Three of these 5 were keeper fish and 2 were native. Sunday's float from Oregon border into Washington produced 3 fish on and 2 boated. Both of those were keepers. Great weekend for anyone looking to have a simply great time. Thank you Aaron